Estamos en la (B), Awsome!

Sunday, July 17th, 2011 @ 1:51 pm | HOME

Estamos en la (B) – We going to the (B)

This is Argentinian Futbol!

In Futbol Big League the (A), means your team is playing against the best in the country.

(B); the next level below in performance, means your team is not good enough to maintain position in (A)… in this video we’ll see how, some of us take Futbol in our lives. The team in question is River Plate, one of the Argentinian best; going to the (B) for the first time in history… our Movie Star is Tano Pasman; a fan not knowing he was recorded; having a difficult time dealing with Futbol reality.

Asi somos – This is the way we are… watching this video will help you understand us a little bit better, when it comes to Futbol issues; and sometimes with personal ones too… Saluti.

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